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  • Malabar Nightshade/. Pak Prang. g.
  • Malabar spinach or Ceylon

    Continue shopping. Melia Dubia, also known as the Malabar Neem Wood, is a tropical deciduous tree. It is a very fast-growing tree, particularly under irrigation. As a softwood tree, it grows best in well-drained, fertile soil.

    Malabar spinach or Ceylon spinach

    Marketing of Malabar Neem: The Malabar neem wood can be sold for the match and veneer industry. The tree with a minimum size of 16inches girth is saleable at the minimum rate of Rs per tonne for the watch industry and for the veneer industry, the market rate is a little higher.

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    The cost per tree will be: /= ₹20/-The requirements are: Supervisor- 1; Laborers- 4; Tractor & Driver- 1; Mount Augur- 1; Plantation; The cost per acre is ₹12, The cost per tree will be: /= ₹/-The requirements are: Drums- 5; Jaggery- 10kg; Vermicasting- kg; Laborers- 15; Neem Cake- kg; Plants- ; Supervisor.

    Malabar Nightshade/. Pak Prang. g.

  • So as farmers can get faster revenue and high profitability, it can be a constant earning source. Depending on the quality of timber and its market demand, one can earn around Rs. per tree as per current market price (this depends). Uses of Malabar Neem or Melia Dubia.
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    For 5 acres Drip cost ‘E ’ = 5 x 25, = 1, 25, Total Initial set up Cost for 5 Acres Malabar neem plantation in First Year = A+B+C+D+E= 2, 26, + 30, + 30, + 1, 25, = 4, 11, Rs. Second year cost includes Labour and Manure-Fertilizers = 30, + 40, = 70, Rs.

  • Malabar spinach or Ceylon
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      Fresh-from-the-farm products or grow your own organic neem.
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