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For firefighters and rescue workers across the globe, it is vital to keep rescue operations as smooth and safe as possible. The chain rescue kit, developed by The Crosby Group, provides the needed flexibility and efficiency in these challenging operations. Read why temperature matters in the development of high-quality chain in the latest issue.

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    PRODUCT CATALOG Gunnebo LiftinG Your Partner in Safe Lifting Swivel hook built with ball bearings. Full swivel action under load The Gunnebo Lifting BKLK Ball Bearing Swivel Self-Locking Hook Rear trigger release provides easy to work protection Think Gunnebo Lifting when selecting lifting chain and components. Lifting is our business.
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    Våra lyftkomponenter är utformade för att ge större flexibilitet, fler möjligheter för lyft där ett lyftredskap behövs, oavsett om det gäller kätting, stållina eller polyester. Komponenterna är tillverkade av seghärdat och legerat stål som garanterar mycket hög hållfasthet, låg vikt, hög slitstyrka och lång livslängd.

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    Gunnebo Industries guarantees that all products leaving their factories are of the highest quality, as all products are manufactured in accordance with the most important safety standards. All chain links, individual lifting components manufactured, are tested with a minimum of 2 times their working load limit and visually inspected by Gunnebo.

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    They are global leaders in several areas within the lifting and material handling industry for which they manufacture products such as crane blocks, wire rope sheaves, chain & lifting components, shackles and lashing products. Their products are well known and established on the market as a premium product with outstanding safety.

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    10 kr inkl moms. Kartongförpackad lyftkätting GrabiQ FlexiLeg från kvalitetstillverkaren Gunnebo Industrier. Det populära systemet gör det möjligt att snabbt kunna byta ut antalet kättingben i lyftredskapet. FlexiLeg innehåller: 1 st toppögla, 2 st 2-parts konfigurationer samt 1 st 1-parts konfiguration. Levereras med certifikat.

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    Browse a wide selection of new and used Hook Block for sale near you at Find Hook Block from GUNNEBO JOHNSON, ROPEBLOCK, and MCKISSICK, and more Home.

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  • Gunnebo BKL Swivel Safety Hooks; Gunnebo BKLK Swivel Bearing Safety Hooks; Gunnebo LBK Swivel Self-Closing Grip Latch Hooks; Gunnebo LKBK Swivel Bearing Self-Closing Grip Latc; Crosby S Shur-Loc Clevis Hooks; Cartec Grade Clevis Self-Closing Hooks; Gunnebo GBK Clevis Self-Closing Grip Latch Hooks; Cartec Grade Clevis Sling Hooks.